Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 7 Scorecard

I'm ready for another double elimination week...and to see the costumes designed by the "stars", rather than the professional dancers.  Once we get through this week, we should (hopefully!) be down to just the good dancers...instead of the dancers with the largest fan base.  At risk?  I think Michael Irvin (although his fans have been keeping him in...and last week's dance off wasn't bad...well, compared to Louie's), Kelly Osbourne, and Aaron Carter.  We'll see who survives Tuesday night's no particular order...double elimination!

DWTS Scorecard-Week 7

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 6 Scorecard--Are You Ready for the Dance Marathon?

In addition to the ballroom dance this week, the couples are also learning the Mambo in preparation for the Dance Marathon.  This sounds really hard to me.  I guess they are all going to be on the dance floor Mambo-ing until they are called off one couple at a time...until the last couple stands.  So, not just a basic routine that they can practice over and over, they have to really learn this dance so they can keep moving without repeating the same steps over and over.  This should separate the Louie Vitos from the Louis Van Amstels and the Michael Irvins from the Mark Ballases! 

We're more than half way through the competition, so it's time to send the laggers home.  I'm voting Louie Vito and Michael Irvin off the know, if anyone cares what I think.

Happy viewing.  Your scorecard for the week is below.

"Dancing With the Stars" Scorecard-Week 6

I'm In Mourning for Natalie...and Really Mad At Those Judges!

I can't believe Natalie went home...and I can't believe Len had the nerve to blame it on the audience voting for the underdogs!  Natalie doesn't have the fan base some of the others have.  But she might have had a fighting chance if only the judges hadn't placed her in second to last place.  She just didn't have the fan base to vote her out of that position.  Shame on you, judges!  I really think they should vote on the curve.  After all, that's how Jerry and I do it--we give half points and quarter points...whatever we need to do so we don't give two couples the same score. 

Anyway, the rest of the week went like this:

HUGE Apologies About Confusing Changes to My Blog!

Okay.  I plead the fifth!  I'm new at this.  I'm basically clueless and have no idea what I'm doing.  I had this Blog set up all nice and neat-ish.  I tried to set up a Blog for our neighborhood, so we'd have a place to post pictures and things.  But, all the things I did to customize that Blog, carried over to this one.  I've just spent a long time fixing it.  So, if you see anything that says "My name is Neighborhood 25" or anything, please let me know.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Five Scorecard...Do the Hustle!

Here is your scorecard for week five.  I'm ready for the passionate Argentine Tango, the dramatic Paso Doble, and disco Hustle? 

Let's see, somewhere in this pile of totally useless facts I've gathered, there must be a list of ages.  Who might have actually been alive in the 1970s and actually old enough to be out at a disco to see the Hustle?

Donny Osmond...not that I think Mormons actually went to discos in the 70s...and possibly Mark Decascos, but only if he would have borrowed his older brother's ID or something.  This is pathetic and makes me feel very old!

"Dancing With the Stars" Scorecard-Week 5

What's With Changing the Encore Dance on Us, Judges?

Heh!  On Monday night Len said he wanted to see Derek and Joanna's Lambada as the encore dance.  On Tuesday, he wanted to see Melissa and Mark's Charleston.  I'd be seriously ticked off if I were Derek and Joanna!

Well...that was about it for drama on the results show this week.  Two boring filler segments containing shocking revelations, such as:

--It's stressful to be standing under the red light listening to the scary music during elimination.  Who knew?
--Some of the stars have cute kids.  Some of the stars have kids that threaten other stars with comments like "our dad can beat up your dad".  Yawn.

Week Four -- The Four New Dances

Last week's four new dances were...interesting.  In retrospect, did we need four new dances?  Jerry and I both kept saying that we didn't know how to judge the dances because we weren't sure what they were supposed to look like.  Perhaps that was for the best with most of the couples!

In no particular order...okay, it's alphabetical because that's how my notes are and I'm too darned lazy to sort them any other way!